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Today, Ogletree Law Firm P.A., has grown to a law firm with clients ranging from large corporations to individuals, and legal matters from complex litigation to real estate transactions.  We offer services in a broad range of areas including litigation, real estate closings, title agent services, immigration matters, corporate matters, commercial and civil litigation, personal injury, workers compensation and criminal defense.  One of the greatest benefits Ogletree Law Firm offers its clients is our dedication to quality, understanding of the law, trust and respect. Through our experience and the broad range of services that we provide, we are able to offer our clients access to the resources of a large firm with the personal attention of a local firm.

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One of our paramount goals is to provide premium legal services while maintaining a reasonable cost to businesses and individuals.  We practice law in a manner guided by skillful judgment and approach every task thoroughly.  We are proud of our reputation for providing progressive, high quality legal services in innovative and cost-effective ways, and we have the experience, resources, and staff to offer each client exceptional, efficient service through the most direct and economical route available.

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We provide our legal services to individuals, as well as corporations. Our areas of practice range from corporate representation, real estate, criminal representation, to immigration...



Moran is a US citizen and has been in the country for almost 20 years. She is from Mexico and originally came to the US with her first husband, who was American. Morgan’s second husband Juan (not his real name) is also from Mexico. Juan has a green card, and he and Morgan have two children born in the United States. In July, Juan returned to Mexico to watch his daughter from a previous marriage graduate. When he came back on May 10, he was questioned by immigration authorities in Atlanta. They asked him to provide paperwork in reference to a prior arrest in 2001. Juan’s 2001 arrest had gotten him 12 months probation, which he completed with no problems. He also paid his fine and never had to go to jail. Juan brought the paperwork to Homeland Security, as requested, and was immediately detained.

Morgan and Juan never knew that Juan was at risk to be detained. They never knew of any threat or the law regarding a past criminal conviction as means for deportation. Juan had just renewed his green card. He was never told that he might be detained. On arrival at Homeland Security, he was not allowed to see anyone, not even Morgan. The officers called Morgan to come get his things.

Since then, Juan has been detained at a center 3.5 hours away from his home in Mississippi. When Morgan makes the grueling 7 hour round trip visit to see him, she can only stay for 1 hour and must sit on the other side of a glass wall. Morgan would understand this measure if Juan was a hardened criminal. But he is not, so she finds this separation unnecessary. Juan has had a an honest hard working job in construction for many years – he is a hard worker, not a criminal.

Juan's detention has tremendously affected the entire family. Juan was the bread winner for his family. Juan's daughter has not gone a day without crying since her father was taken away. His is in college and has taken on two jobs to help the family. Morgan is working, but Juan has lost his job. By the end of the month, the family will lose their insurance. Their house was just mortgaged last year. When you add the many hours it takes to commute to see their father/husband, the effects of detention is great.

Since being detained, Juan really has no timeline. His immigration hearing will take place, and no one knows what will happen. Morgan has spoken to many attorneys, however she was advised to hire an attorney with knowledge of both criminal and immigration law. Morgan, Juan and many others out there in the United States need more information and be better informed. Become better informed so that you can hopefully avoid the same situation.



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Ogletree Law Firm, P.A. is a full service law firm.  Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to serve all of our clients with dignity, respect and integrity. We understand that some of your legal needs require immediate attention; therefore, we offer flexible schedules and a courteous support staff to assist with any scheduling or requests.

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